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It has been a pleasure working on the topic “The 5 Senses” with all of you. We are so proud of the result and we'd like to thank you for your effort and cooperation in all of the activities. Sincerely we are very impressed with your daily work and your involvement in "The Corner of the Senses"

We hope you have enjoyed!

Javier (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Now, let's prepare for the next topic!!


Finally the day we have been waiting for has arrived!

Today is the day of “The Corner of the senses"

This is corner you have designed is an awsome sensory experimentation through the five senses. All of these has been created by you , students,  and you have spent a lot of time searching, investigating, and exploring the content using the TIC, bringing materials for sensory experimentation and being creative in all of your ideas.

As you know, in your corner we have been placing materials each week that you can taste, smell, touch, hear, and see...

Now is time to impress your other classmates showing how good adventurers you are and all you have learnt!
Let's start!!


I don't like this! This is too salty!! Oh, how sweet this dessert is!! ... I'm sure that all of you have used or haver heard these phrases ...  
Your tongue allow us to classificate each flavour, do your know? TASTE is incredible!

Activity 1: “It tastes of ...”:

First of all take your computer and and investigate the different tastes it can be. Search for an example of each of them and to have clear the flavour.

Everybody again in groups!! In this case the leader will be the only one with the eyes uncovered.

The rest of the group must cover their eyes and sit in silence in their table.

The leader must give carefully and ramdonly some of the food they have bought  to the rest of the group. They leader must also take notes about how their classmates describe the flavour first and then trying to guess what it is.

What flavour have they taste?

Do they discovered the foods?

Are they correct?

Does everybody like or doesn't like the same food?

                              Activity 1: Thinglink it!:

First of all search for some pictures about different kinds of food. Then, do a collage with 


Upload your new collage in Thinglink. If you don't know, investigate what thinglink is. Finally, put tags of what taste is in each of the food in the picture.

(Search for a tutorial it is difficult for your to understand this progmme)


Adventurers!! Now we are soooo close to obtaining our finally project “Corner of the senses”. This final project will be your evaluation so YOU MUST DO AS BETTER AS YOU COULD to reach for the best mark

This day, you  by your own must review EVERYTHING we have discovered during this weeks, ALL ABOUT THE 5 SENSES

So now, talk in your groups. Collect all the things you have done these days (virtual and physically). 


To show all you know about this topic, we are going to invite the rest of the classes of the same year.

Luck for all of you!!! Remember, revise and prepare all of the activities we have done until now in the class. 
It will be an awsome and fun day!!

 Your proud teachers,
Lola, María and Trini


Let's think for a moment!!!
Has happened to you that when you enter to your house and breathe deeper you're absolutely able to guess the food thet is preparing your mother or your father?

But...how can you know what it is cooked if you haven't seen the food? 
How amazing is all we can discover just with the sense of the SMELL, isn't it?

Dennis Wong (CC BY 2.0)

Activity 1: “My air freshener”

There are a lot of things that have quite strong smell. All your classmates have bring something with an strong good smell (or maybe bad!!)

Let's make a bag with the pieces of fabric you have also brig (search in the internet an easy way of doing it or try yourself). 
The thing is that what it is inside the final boxes it must be not visible.

Now we have our own air freshener! But...  How do they smell?
One of the components of the group must close his/her eyes. The rest must bring close the bag to his/her nose. Then, he must say if it smells good or bad and try to discover what is inside without the other senses, JUST SMELLING.

Take notes for your blog-post of what he/she thinks for your blog-post!

IMPORTNAT NOTE: Each of the different groups of the senses must bring something (not too big) that they like to eat and they don't like its flavor. 
The taste is waiting us children!!!!

Your teachers,
Lola, María and Trini


How do we know if an object is smooth, rough, soft, or if it is hot or cold? 
The sense of TOUCH helps us discover this.

Activity 1: Touch, touch!

 Did you all bring objects with different textures from anywhere?

Now, every group must pass their objects to the group next to them (in the direction of clockwise).  

Then, you with all your group touch every texture and classify if it is hard or soft, rough or smooth, hot of cold ... Investigate on the internet how the textures can be!!!

Make the classification in a blog-post!

Activity 2: “Pinterest me”

 Once the you know how to distinguish between the different types of textures, you must prepare your mobile, tablet or iPad! 
You have now to take a series of photos about objects, natural elements, etc...that have different textures. 

After this, upload them to a website called PINTEREST. Put the different photos there and telling the different textures you have capture with your mobile. 

Are you sure you can recognize the different textures?
Show us!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The last sense is getting jealous. Next day we're going to work in it! PLEASE, DON'T FORGET to bring different things that can be inside a small box and that smells strongly. Whatever you have or you can find anywhere, ask your friends, parents, look for ideas on the internet....
AND DON'T ALSO FORGET: scissors, piece of fabric and thread.

Your teachers, 
Lola, María and Trini


Activity 1: Listen to me!

With the little bottles that you with your group have brought toclass, let's move them like maracas!!!

You have to shake the bottles to find the pair with the same sound. For this, take one bottle and listen to it carefully. Then take another and compare the sound. 
If they don't, you have to leave them in their place so another of your classmates can check. 

When one of the students find the correct bottles with the same sound she/he must guess just with her/his ear what it is inside.

At the end, we will open the little bottles to see what is inside, and if you were correct or not on the contents.

Redact an inform of all that happen in your blog-post ;)

 Activity 2: “My beatbox group”

After you have discovered your sense of sound and  learned how to associate sounds, is time to be more professional... Now you have to create your own song. 

For this, we will utilize INCREDIBOX, an application between creation and entertainment, with which you will become directors of a human beatbox group.
Search for a tutorial or just try it!! Maybe you can discover how it works by yourself

IMPORTANT NOTE: The next day of class, you must bring objects with different textures or temperatures that we can notice with the touch (They can be from your house, playground, etc...) 
Just a few days later adventurer!!!!

Your teachers,
Lola, María and Trini

viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014


We will continue with the sense of HEARING

Activity 1: What sound is it?
You, with your groups, have to record some sounds made by your own body. Then, put your sounds in a Power point without any pictures or letters and uploud it on Youtube.
Then exchange your link with other group.
You must guess what is what you are listening and note it in the computer. 
Try to guess the sounds of the other groups.

Activity 2: Deaf for a day

What do you think about doing an experiment?  
Please, with the plugs you have brought to class, put in carefully in your ears and try and talk amongst yourselfs WITHOUT SHOUTING
What can you hear now? Is it difficult to understand what they are saying? And, even if you ask for your teahcer's help... can you control all that is happening?

After 10 minutes, unplugged your ears and try to do the same things.
How is now the difficulty? Is it more or less? 

Sit for a moment and think about what life would be in school if you were deaf. 
How could you pay attention to your teacher? How could we hear our classmates? How can you play in the playground?

You must always keep in mind that there are deaf people who work, study, go everywhere, do sports ... 
How do they do it?? 
Investigate and discuss with your group. 
Take notes for your blog-post of the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The next day you must bring 6 bottles to class that must contain different elements inside that you can hear when you shake them (whatever you want! Investigate about it!). 
There are many materials that you can use! 

Your teachers,
Lola, María and Trini


Let's continue with the sight sense...

Activity 1: We are photographers!

1st Step: Quickly guys!! Get your mobiles, we have work! 
Firts of all, you must go to the playground and take fun and original photos of the landscape you'll see (you can appear as well!)
Afterwards, you with your group must choose your favorite photo
What are you waiting for!?
Come on guys, you have 10 minutes!

 2nd Step: Now, with your mobile, tablet... you must download a program called PICSART.
Do you know what is and how to use Picsart? Go and investigate on the internet
Maybe a youtube tutorial? Webpage explanation?

3rd Step: Pass your mobile or tablet photo to a pendrive.

4th Step: Then, the one in charge of the group should go to the photocopies room and ask the concierge to print your wonderful creation and the original one (the one without retouches)Go back to the class and stick it into a cardboard that will form the final corner of the senses. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is in charge of uploading an entry to the blog with the photographs before and after being retouched, and also will do a description of what she changed or retouched and how different the reality can be.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to bring cotton of earplugs for the next day.

Your teachers, 
Lola, María and Trini


Today, the sense of SIGHT awaits us. We will do two very fun activities:

Activity 1. Play!
Ed Schipul (CC BY-SA 2.0)

How do you think we can learn about the sense of sight?  
With the sense of the sight we can appreciate a lot of things: Know if there is something new, is something has changed, etc... 

You are going to play an online game where you must find the differences in the pictures. Use the sense of the sight and realice how useful it can be!. 
But .. hurry up guys! you only have 20 minutes!

Activity 2. Blindness

NewBeautiful(CC BY-SA 2.0)

How you ever though how blind people feel? The life without sight is a very serious and difficult thing. 

To show you that we are going to go to the playgorund. Once we get there go into pairs. One of the both in the partner will have the eyes covered, like if she/he was blind. Whit the help from the partner , he/she will be guided in a way full of obstacles marked with chalk until both of them find the end point. 

Then, take off the hanky. How do you feel? Is it a comfortable situation?
Explain to your partner all the sensations you have. 
What should we do if we see a blind person?

Take notes for your blog-post!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to bring your mobile, tablet, or iPad for the next day.

Your teachers,
Lola, María and Trini


“The 5 explorers”
In this fun theater 5 explorers are presented, to know them you will have to read and make comprehensible questions about the theatre with this online quiz on internet.
Then, you must exchange your quiz with other group in class


 For this, you can use information present in the theater and search for information on the internet.  Go for it explorers!

The country of the senses

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Marisol. She was very cheerful and she used to spend hours and hours playing with their parents. One day, her mom and dad told her that they would have a new baby. Marisol was very happy and exciting.

Time passed and the little brother of Marisol was born. Little by little, she was feeling that her family were leaving her to one side and that they were paying more attention to Luisito. It was at this moment when Marisol started insulting her little brother:
Stella Maris (CC BY-NC 2.0)

-Marisol: “Disgusting child”, “It was better when you hadn't been born” “You're a thief because you stole the love of my parents” “Now they don't love me, and it's your fault”.

Marisol went to bed very upset that they. As she slept she, suddenly, started to dream. She was in the "Country of the 5 senses." She started to walk and she met Mr. Huge Hands:

Universal Pop (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

-Mr. Huge Hands: Do not worry, do not be afraid, I am the touch! And, by me, I can touch you and know you're soft or cold or ... Marisol, why don't you love your brother?

-Marisol: It is because of him that my parents don't care for me.

Mr. Huge Hands: Yes they so and a lot! But instead of touching you ten times like before, they touch you five times, and the other five they give to your brother. He also needs affection Marisol. 
(picture made by Trini)

Suddenly the Mr. Huge Hands disappeared mysteriously. As soon as he had gone, Mr. Big Nose appeared:

       Mr. Big Nose: Marisol, why are you upset?

       Marisol: Is because of my brother, I don't understand why my mum doesn't make my all that delicious meals that smell so good to me, or why she doesn't help me to put my clothes on like before... I remember how great they smeeled.

Mr.Big Nose: Marisol, she still do these foods, but instead of doing them everyday, she does them less because they have to care also about your brother's meal.  Otherwise, you're a big girl, and you can dress yourself. Don't you worry Marisol, if you go to your wardrobe and smell your clothes you'll see they smell as goo as always. 

(picture made by Trini)

As soon as she finished hearing these words, Mr.Big Nose disappeared and the very happy Mrs Little Ears were presented: 

Mrs Little Ears:  We have come to ask you why do you say such ugly things about Luisito. He hears everything, you know?. He is very sad thinking that you don't want him. Be patient, you'll see that when he grows a little, the first word he will say will be "Marisol", seriosly, you will see. Be very careful with your ears darling with them you and everybody can hear almost everything!

- Marisol: Everybody here is trying to convince me that I should treat my brother better! Maybe they are right... Anyway, there's something I still don't understand. Why don't my parents give me as many kisses as before... And why don't they give me all of these fruits that I like so much?

(picture made by Trini)

So Mrs Little Ears disappeared and Mrs Pretty Mouth arrived:

Mr Pretty Mouth: Marisol, Like Mr. Big Nose said, you're a big girl now, and can get all the food you want on your own, also, they do still give you kisses. The fact is that they have to share them with the baby, instead of giving you eight kisses, like before, they'll give you four. Be calm because when Luisito is little older, he will also give you many kisses so you'll have a lot of people loving you.

(picture made by Trini)

Mr Pretty Mouth had hardly finished speaking when Mr. Wide Eye, who sees everything, appeared.

-Mr. Wide Eyes: Marisol, I am the sight and I can everything. I have seen everything that you have done during your entire life, and what you do now. Do you know what eyes are used for? 

- Marisol: I believe they are for seeing, with them we can see many things: colours, shapes...

- Mr. Wide Eyes: Exactly!! And with them you can also see that your parents love you like always.

(picture made by Trini)

When Mr. Wide Eye finished saying these words, all of the other senses appeared, and they told Marisol one phrase that always stayed in her mind: 

"Use your senses to explore your world around! You can discover wonderful things by yourself"
Then, they continue saying  "In your case, Marisol, if you look you'll can apreciate by us that your parents love you as always, and that your little brother wants you to accept him”.

After this final learning, Marisol woke up. She remembered all of her dream and especially the last phrase that all the senses told her. So she got up, gave her brother a big hug and apologised to him and her parents. 

With time, everything that the senses had said was true, the caresses, the meals, her clothes, and even the first word her brother said "MARISOL".

Your teachers,
Lola, María and Trini.