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Let's think for a moment!!!
Has happened to you that when you enter to your house and breathe deeper you're absolutely able to guess the food thet is preparing your mother or your father?

But...how can you know what it is cooked if you haven't seen the food? 
How amazing is all we can discover just with the sense of the SMELL, isn't it?

Dennis Wong (CC BY 2.0)

Activity 1: “My air freshener”

There are a lot of things that have quite strong smell. All your classmates have bring something with an strong good smell (or maybe bad!!)

Let's make a bag with the pieces of fabric you have also brig (search in the internet an easy way of doing it or try yourself). 
The thing is that what it is inside the final boxes it must be not visible.

Now we have our own air freshener! But...  How do they smell?
One of the components of the group must close his/her eyes. The rest must bring close the bag to his/her nose. Then, he must say if it smells good or bad and try to discover what is inside without the other senses, JUST SMELLING.

Take notes for your blog-post of what he/she thinks for your blog-post!

IMPORTNAT NOTE: Each of the different groups of the senses must bring something (not too big) that they like to eat and they don't like its flavor. 
The taste is waiting us children!!!!

Your teachers,
Lola, María and Trini

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