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Activity 1: Listen to me!

With the little bottles that you with your group have brought toclass, let's move them like maracas!!!

You have to shake the bottles to find the pair with the same sound. For this, take one bottle and listen to it carefully. Then take another and compare the sound. 
If they don't, you have to leave them in their place so another of your classmates can check. 

When one of the students find the correct bottles with the same sound she/he must guess just with her/his ear what it is inside.

At the end, we will open the little bottles to see what is inside, and if you were correct or not on the contents.

Redact an inform of all that happen in your blog-post ;)

 Activity 2: “My beatbox group”

After you have discovered your sense of sound and  learned how to associate sounds, is time to be more professional... Now you have to create your own song. 

For this, we will utilize INCREDIBOX, an application between creation and entertainment, with which you will become directors of a human beatbox group.
Search for a tutorial or just try it!! Maybe you can discover how it works by yourself

IMPORTANT NOTE: The next day of class, you must bring objects with different textures or temperatures that we can notice with the touch (They can be from your house, playground, etc...) 
Just a few days later adventurer!!!!

Your teachers,
Lola, María and Trini

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