viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014


Let's continue with the sight sense...

Activity 1: We are photographers!

1st Step: Quickly guys!! Get your mobiles, we have work! 
Firts of all, you must go to the playground and take fun and original photos of the landscape you'll see (you can appear as well!)
Afterwards, you with your group must choose your favorite photo
What are you waiting for!?
Come on guys, you have 10 minutes!

 2nd Step: Now, with your mobile, tablet... you must download a program called PICSART.
Do you know what is and how to use Picsart? Go and investigate on the internet
Maybe a youtube tutorial? Webpage explanation?

3rd Step: Pass your mobile or tablet photo to a pendrive.

4th Step: Then, the one in charge of the group should go to the photocopies room and ask the concierge to print your wonderful creation and the original one (the one without retouches)Go back to the class and stick it into a cardboard that will form the final corner of the senses. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is in charge of uploading an entry to the blog with the photographs before and after being retouched, and also will do a description of what she changed or retouched and how different the reality can be.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to bring cotton of earplugs for the next day.

Your teachers, 
Lola, María and Trini

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