The students have to evaluate their groupmates besides this table in which appear some items related to their work during the activities. They have to give a score from 1 to 10 depending on their effort and implication in the group and in the tasks.

Moreover the students have to answer these questions: (Here we answered some of them to show how it could be)

-What have we learned?

Firstly, we have learned the 5 senses and how to use it to interact with the environment.
Moreover, we have worked in groups and we have learned to share materials and information with the use of the technology.
To sum up, as the teacher said, it is important using the technologies and most important, explain the contents with a dynamic way.

- What is it that we will never forget about the topic of the senses?

We will never forget that with our eyes we can see, with our ears we can listen, with my hands we can touch and with my nose we can smell.
We have learned to differentiate the odors, and the sounds.
And teacher! We have learned to create our own music!

- What do we like most of what I've learned?

We have enjoyed with the activity in which we have to differentiate between different tastes.
The other activity in which we have enjoyed is when we have to go to the playground and doing different activities there.

-What difficulties have we found?

- Does everyone colaborated on the work?

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