viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014


Today, the sense of SIGHT awaits us. We will do two very fun activities:

Activity 1. Play!
Ed Schipul (CC BY-SA 2.0)

How do you think we can learn about the sense of sight?  
With the sense of the sight we can appreciate a lot of things: Know if there is something new, is something has changed, etc... 

You are going to play an online game where you must find the differences in the pictures. Use the sense of the sight and realice how useful it can be!. 
But .. hurry up guys! you only have 20 minutes!

Activity 2. Blindness

NewBeautiful(CC BY-SA 2.0)

How you ever though how blind people feel? The life without sight is a very serious and difficult thing. 

To show you that we are going to go to the playgorund. Once we get there go into pairs. One of the both in the partner will have the eyes covered, like if she/he was blind. Whit the help from the partner , he/she will be guided in a way full of obstacles marked with chalk until both of them find the end point. 

Then, take off the hanky. How do you feel? Is it a comfortable situation?
Explain to your partner all the sensations you have. 
What should we do if we see a blind person?

Take notes for your blog-post!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to bring your mobile, tablet, or iPad for the next day.

Your teachers,
Lola, María and Trini

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