1st Enrty: 21st October
The 5 explorers:
Hello! We are the group number 3. Today we started with the Topic the senses that our teacher Lola, María and Trini are preparing for us.

We think the reading about Marisol and his brother is so beautiful because it teaches you how to behave good and, by it, we have reviewed all the senses. 
We now have created our own Quiz about the Theatre

And we have passed it to group 6. Then we have completed their Quiz. We have paid a lot of attention to the theatre so we got in the Quiz of group 6...

This Quiz has easy and difficult questions. In the difficult question we have to think a little but finally we understant almost everything.

Moreover we are learning how to use a blog. We have never had one but it is so cool and interesting like we were journalist or something like that.

We are exciting waiting for the new activity our teachers told us.

2nd Entry: 24th October

Activity 1: Play!
Hi everyone! Today we have learnead about the sense of sight. First, we played a game about differences and we realized all the things that can change and we can only appreciate them with our eyes. The eyes are very important to control our surrondings.

Activity 2: Blindness
After that we played a game named "Blindness". We don't feel nothing comfortable without seeing anything. It was difficulto to walk even if we had a guide. We feel very lost at some moments and estress beacuse we can't quit the hanky.
My group and me think now that when we see a blind person we must help him or her as much as we could. It must be very difficulto for him living without the eyes. Maybe we can go with him or her in a trffic street or things like that to make him/her feel safe.

3rd Entry: 28th of October

Today we worked again with the sense of the SIGHT!! 
And we did like we were photographers. We discovered a fantastic program to manipulate images which called PICSART. At the beginning we don't know how to use it but we have investigated on the internet and we find this tutorial

And this is the final result iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis...



Is very funny beacuse we can see how reality can be manipulated. We did a new photo with our components Marina and Katy like they were aliens... is so fun! We can be wathever we want to! 
The eye can be cheated by some many ways.
Is fun to learn like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th Entry: 31st October

Activity 1: What sound is it?
We have just put our video making noises with our bodies in Youtube.

We have exchanged our videos. We did the video of group number 6 and our guess list is:

Coughing, Blowing snots, Whistling Yawning, Snoring, Clapping, Laughing, Mourn, _______  Shouting, Breathing, Eating, Kissing, Surprise, Drinking, Shhh, Scaring, Burping.

We just have doubt in one of them. So is pretty fine!! 
The rest of them  are correct.

Hearing them without seeing any person doing it we discovered that we can appreciate a lot of thing just with one sense: Hearing. Our ears can give us so many clues to guess what is happening in every moment. This sense is so important too.

Activity 2: Deaf for a day

When our group did the experiment of put plugs in our ears was a big mess. We don't understant nothing  and if we spoke loudly our teacher get angry with us. We tried to read the lips but we just understand a few words... It was very horrible to feel like nobody listen to you and you can explain yourself as you want. For this reason we can't control what it was happening...

Then we uncovered our ears and... ufff! All was easy, we don't need to shout, everybody understand us. 

This made us to have a reflexion about the people who can not hear correctly. How can they do all the things we do? It must be very difficult! We search some thing on the internet about them and we learned a lot about their disability:

We must be very respectful them.

5th Entry: 4th November

Activity 1: Listen to me!!
For this activity we have to bring from our houses some little bottles like Actimel bottles and put into something that makes sound by shaking them.
All of us put in the table our bottles  and have to compare the sounds closing our eyes.
It was fun because almost all of us discover the correct pair of bottles and what was insede them. All of that just paying attention to the sound.

If we listen carefully with our ears we can discover a lot of things!!

Activity 2: My beatbox Group
After that, we took our computers, tablets and mobile phones. We download an APP called Incredibox. We didn't know how to use it so we search for information in the App Web Page but it wasn't clear for us so we finally found a video that explain it pretty well!!

WE LOVED IT! It was very fun! We discover the bass and trebble sounds and we did a song with our own hands. We can do a lot of sound with just our body. 

6th Entry: 7th of November

Activty 1: Touch, Touch!

We have investigated on the internet about the different textures that are and all that you can feel with the sense of the TOUCH.
We have classificate different materials members of our group bring:

Piece of wood: Wrinkled 

Quill: Soft, silky

Pin: Pointed

Paper with bubbles: Bumpy

Spoon: Cold

Activity 2: Take a photo of me!

We went to the playground and take a lot of photos of different textures!!!

7th Entry: My airfreshener
Activity 1: My airfreshener
Today we have worked with the sense of SMELL. We have to bring to class different things with quite strong smell and put them into a bag made by ourselfs.
We searched on our computer how to do the a bag and we found this interesting and easy way of doing it 

Then we did what it was explained in our teachers' post. We closed our eyes and try yo discover what was inside.
It was awsome... 

There were a lot of thing we did not know but... a lot of them yes like cheese!! With our nose we can notice if something with smell is around. 

We have realized that we can also know if something is bad to eat because, for example, one of our classmates bring a hanky with lye and its smell was AWFUL.

We also discovered new fragances like lavander, or spices that our mothers and fathers put in our meals and we don't know like: rosemary, oregano, dill...

8th Entry: 14th November

Activity 1: "It tastes of..."
We have laugh a lot with this activity! Today we have done a exploration of our sense of TASTE. Every group brought from our houses something that we like and we don't like to eat. With the eyes covered our classmates must discover what was and say if they like or don't like the food they have tasted.

We bring a limon, a salty bread, some chocolate, coffe, a very spicy meal and so on...
We have discovered a lot of different tastes by it! 

Almost everyone discover what was each food or at least what was its taste. 

It was interesting that the most of us prefer the same tastes: Salty and sweet

And, another curious thing was that almost everyone in the group doesn't like the tastes: Sour, spicy, bitter. Our classmate faces when they taste thing like Lemom, coffe, or hot species were so fun. Just seeing them we can discover if something taste good or bad for them.

Activity 2: "Thinglink it!!"

We found a pretty good tutorial on youtube
by it we have learned to use the programme and this is one of our final results

9th Entry: 18th November

Today was the corner of the senses and we felt very nervous about it. We have review all we have studied this days and we we get into the classroom our teachers Lola, María and Trini told us that the sense we have to explain for the rest of the class and for other classmates was THE SMELL. We think the SIGHT was more interesting for us to explain but we think we did a great job.
Everyone applaud us! We feel  like real teacher for a day and it seen like our classmate sunderstand perfecly what we were explaining.
We are so exciting with this new methodology because we are so involucrated and we learn by our self everything. 
Our teacher Lola, María and Trini are the best!!!!

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