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How do we know if an object is smooth, rough, soft, or if it is hot or cold? 
The sense of TOUCH helps us discover this.

Activity 1: Touch, touch!

 Did you all bring objects with different textures from anywhere?

Now, every group must pass their objects to the group next to them (in the direction of clockwise).  

Then, you with all your group touch every texture and classify if it is hard or soft, rough or smooth, hot of cold ... Investigate on the internet how the textures can be!!!

Make the classification in a blog-post!

Activity 2: “Pinterest me”

 Once the you know how to distinguish between the different types of textures, you must prepare your mobile, tablet or iPad! 
You have now to take a series of photos about objects, natural elements, etc...that have different textures. 

After this, upload them to a website called PINTEREST. Put the different photos there and telling the different textures you have capture with your mobile. 

Are you sure you can recognize the different textures?
Show us!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The last sense is getting jealous. Next day we're going to work in it! PLEASE, DON'T FORGET to bring different things that can be inside a small box and that smells strongly. Whatever you have or you can find anywhere, ask your friends, parents, look for ideas on the internet....
AND DON'T ALSO FORGET: scissors, piece of fabric and thread.

Your teachers, 
Lola, María and Trini

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