viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014


We will continue with the sense of HEARING

Activity 1: What sound is it?
You, with your groups, have to record some sounds made by your own body. Then, put your sounds in a Power point without any pictures or letters and uploud it on Youtube.
Then exchange your link with other group.
You must guess what is what you are listening and note it in the computer. 
Try to guess the sounds of the other groups.

Activity 2: Deaf for a day

What do you think about doing an experiment?  
Please, with the plugs you have brought to class, put in carefully in your ears and try and talk amongst yourselfs WITHOUT SHOUTING
What can you hear now? Is it difficult to understand what they are saying? And, even if you ask for your teahcer's help... can you control all that is happening?

After 10 minutes, unplugged your ears and try to do the same things.
How is now the difficulty? Is it more or less? 

Sit for a moment and think about what life would be in school if you were deaf. 
How could you pay attention to your teacher? How could we hear our classmates? How can you play in the playground?

You must always keep in mind that there are deaf people who work, study, go everywhere, do sports ... 
How do they do it?? 
Investigate and discuss with your group. 
Take notes for your blog-post of the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The next day you must bring 6 bottles to class that must contain different elements inside that you can hear when you shake them (whatever you want! Investigate about it!). 
There are many materials that you can use! 

Your teachers,
Lola, María and Trini

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